The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.
— Eric Steven Raymond


My name is Nick.

All my life I’ve been an artist & filmmaker to communicate with people- always studying machines, taking them apart and building new ones.

20 years of professional experience.

You know your industry, and your business.

Every lever and knob, input and output, gear and wheel that enables your business to thrive has been built on your experience.

Call me a huge geek, but I would be delighted to listen to your experience and unpack those gritty details.

I’m available for conversations, or Writing & Speaking engagements.

All my best,

Work Experience

I have been an avid computer engineer all my life.

Since moving to New York City over 12 years ago, I’ve served tours of duty on campaigns for numerous Fortune 100 clients, worked at over a dozen start-ups, and co-founded a few.

I am a full-time software developer at Signal leading front-end engineering for the Engage product in Brooklyn, NY.

I specialize in Web Platforms.

  • Industrial Market Survey Web App enabling a global quality process management services firm to streamline their new-proposal pipeline (a department that had previously been using paper forms for the past 2 decades) and reduce turnaround time from 3 months down to less than 1 month.
  • 50 U.S. States Map Comparison Widget Platform enabling a major educational institution to create and manage custom maps (implementing a sleek design made by their creative agency and delivered to me as PSDs for building) which their authors can embed freely on their various blogs easily with 1 line of code.
  • Store Locator Widget Platform enabling a major beverage brand to create and manage custom store locators (implementing their creative agency’s design) which their subsidiary brands can embed on their various static websites easily with 1 line of code. The platform uses a 3rd party data service firm as a backing store to perform searches for various product availability nationwide in real time.

Notable organizations I’ve added value to


My preferred languages/frameworks are Node/Express and Ruby/Rails. I’m religious about technical architecture and Agile software development project management.

I work in the polyglot development environment IntelliJ IDEA, use Trello for ideation and scrum, Pivotal Tracker for stories, GitHub for source code, Circle CI continuous integration, Heroku for prototype hosting, potentially (past 1+ million user scale) followed by handoff to a larger dev ops firm.

My Story

Born and raised in Chicago, I moved to the east coast in 2002 to study at NYU Film & TV. While in school I helped classmates Josh Mond, Antonio Campos and Sean Durkin get Borderline Films off the ground, and left school to begin working in NYC.

Among over 200 projects in commercial media, I made a nationally-aired PSA for the U.S. Department of Justice,
a Nintendo Wii holiday takeover on YouTube, an interactive portal for David Blaine during his TV special Drowned Alive, and served tours of duty on campaigns for numerous Fortune 100 clients.

My drive, focus, imagination, technical skills and voracious appetite for detail allow me to deliver a force
to be reckoned with across media.

Ultimately I returned to my roots, in software engineering.

In 2012, I co-founded RetailMLS and Wendr with Ben & Sam Zises.

I am the Founder & President of Outright Mental Inc., leveraging original content and emerging technology to break through the physical isolation of our digital connectedness and reconnect with the wonder of the world around us.

I am a full-time software developer at Signal leading front-end engineering for the Engage product in Brooklyn, NY.